Jimmy Kimmel Made The ‘American Idol’ Judges Sample Peeps Milk

Since it was announced that PEEPS® was coming out with its own line of marshmallow-flavored milks and egg nog for Easter this year, the internet’s reaction was predictably strong and swift. Currently, a google search for “peeps milk” yields 2.6 million results, if that’s any indication. And what’s not to be fascinated with? Someone actually came up with the idea of candy-flavored milk. We have literally reached peak, America.

Likewise, Jimmy Kimmel shares our fascination with PEEPS® milk. And because he’s Jimmy Kimmel and we’re not, he was able to get some shipped out to do a little taste test (because the products are currently only available in the Midwest). In the above clip, he and his sidekick Guillermo taste the three flavors, starting out with the standard marshmallow-flavored milk, which boasts a Circus Peanut-orange hue and supposedly tastes like “what you’d imagine it taste like to be breast fed by a mother clown.”

In the clip below, Kimmel goads his guests, American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., to sample the three flavors and amazingly, all four human adults come to the consensus that PEEPS® milk is not actually bad. I’m on board with Kimmel, though. I wouldn’t mind trying it with a little bit of rum or vodka thrown in.