Watch Jimmy Kimmel Recruit Tom Brady To Fuel His Fake Feud With Matt Damon

Forget the Battle of Winterfell, the real war we should’ve been paying attention to is between Jimmy Kimmel and his long-time frenemy, Matt Damon.

The late night talk show host has spent years fueling this fake feud with his A-list adversary. It all began with a seemingly innocuous gag in the early aughts when Kimmel claimed the show didn’t have time to have Damon appear. From there, things escalated. Couples counseling, paternity allegations, humiliating each other at the Oscars and the Emmys — nothing was off limits, nothing was sacred in this grudge match.

But somehow, Kimmel found a way to lower the bar.

The host recruited New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to help get in on the fun when the Super Bowl champ paid his show a visit this week. Brady came on to talk about his new book — which is about performance and drive and is probably pretty interesting — but Kimmel was having none of that. In fact, the only concern Kimmel had was over the strength of Brady’s throwing arm when it came to destroying his foe’s Hollywood home.

Kimmel carted Brady and his sidekick, Guillermo, out to Damon’s place on Liberace Lane via taxi and challenged Brady to throw a football through an upstairs window. Which Brady did, of course, shattering the glass and causing a bewildered Damon to come running outside, wearing a t-shirt advertising his hit movie, We Bought A Zoo. Damon seemed pretty peeved — it was his kid’s bedroom window Brady knocked out — but he quickly got over it to fangirl over the NFL star.

The best moment of the clip comes when Brady goodnaturedly mistakes Damon’s name while the actor practically begs for a photo with his football idol. There’s gonna be payback for this, and it will be worth following.