Jimmy Kimmel Points Out The Absurdity Of Instagram’s Eggplant Emoji Hashtag Ban

News & Culture Writer
05.01.15 4 Comments

Earlier this week, Instagram announced a silly, yet entertaining new feature that lets you search by emoji hashtag. One caveat, however, is that Instagram will not be letting users search by eggplant emojis on grounds that it’s commonly used to represent male genitalia, in lieu of just having a dick emoji. I don’t have much of an opinion on Instagram’s no nudity policy, but isn’t banning even the suggestion of cartoon nudity a tad puritanical?

Yes, it is. As such, Jimmy Kimmel sent out a team to survey people on the street with a picture of the eggplant emoji and ask them what the picture looks like. Spoiler alert, only one guy thought it looked like a penis, and he may have been baked out of his mind.

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