Jimmy Kimmel Tricked Timberlake Fans Into Raving Over JT’s Emmys Duet With Hologram Tupac

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09.25.13 2 Comments


Jimmy Kimmel sent a correspondent to the street to ask people how they felt about Justin Timberlake’s performance at the Emmys, and they were more than happy to give their detailed opinions on the matter. Whoops.

This is entertaining for two reasons: (1) Justin Timberlake did not perform at the Emmys, and (2) these lying liars are presumably Timberlake fans, seeing as how they were interviewed while waiting for hours to watch JT perform as part of Kimmel’s rooftop concert series on Hollywood Boulevard.

Highlights include the correspondent asking about Timberlake’s Emmy win (also didn’t happen), how he’s dealing with his bubonic plague diagnosis (needs citation), and — of course — his performance with Hologram Tupac.

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