People Were Not Amused With Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Snowball In Bed’ Challenge: ‘F*ck Jimmy Kimmel’

Every now and then, Jimmy Kimmel issues a challenge to his viewers to do something craaaaazy and then film it and submit the video on YouTube — such as his reliably hilarious yearly prank in which he asks parents to tell their children they ate all of their Halloween candy. With last week’s massive snowstorm on the east coast, the host decided to mix things up with this “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Served a Snowball in Bed” challenge, which is very much how it sounds: people hand delivered a snowball (or in some cases, a larger quantity of snow) to their loved ones while they unknowingly slept.

Unlike the Halloween Candy challenge, the “Snowball in Bed” challenge features a significantly higher occurrence of bleeping swear words — as getting pelted with a wet, icy surprise in bed decidedly involves less of a slow burn than some of his more psychological pranks. Might we even suggest that this particular challenge seems kind of dickish? One girl at the end of the video more or less accurately sums it up by snapping at her mother: “Fuck Jimmy Kimmel!”

Maybe not the takeaway he was going here, but if you’ve ever wanted to watch a Michael Jackson impersonator dump a bucket of snow on his sleeping son, we can safely say you probably won’t find this anywhere else on the internet.

Here’s his original request: