Jimmy Kimmel Takes A Break From Late Night Entertainment To Do The Local Sports Report At KABC

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02.19.14 3 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel took a break from premiering trailers, battling Matt Damon, and assholing it up over at Jimmy Kimmel Live to cover the sports report for ABC. The best part is how he’s actually really great at faux sports news and really bad at remembering the names of his guests.

I’ve never been a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sure, it’s funny and a lot of his videos are very internet friendly. But it’s also on ABC and that’s a one mere channel away from CBS and I stay far away from it.

That said, I do like Jimmy Kimmel. I think he’s just enough of an asshole that a wannabe Hollywood asshole like myself can look up to him. And he was pretty great on The Man Show, just like he’s great here, filling in for KABC’s Rob Fukuzaki.

Rob Fukuzaki is the coolest name for a sportscaster since Champ Kind and George Michael entered the sports machine with a fly and came out as some sort of sports loving monstrosity. I call it Jeff Goldblum.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live / KABC )

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