Jimmy Kimmel Pepsi Challenges Starbucks $7 Coffee Without The $7 Coffee. People Are The Worst.

When I was a kid living in a simpler time with dial-up service and the ability to stay up and watch all the late night shows, I was a sucker for recurring segments. Nowadays, not so much. But if there’s one I can’t say no to it’s the Jimmy Kimmel street challenge where he tricks people into making asses out of themselves by withholding a vital piece of information (see: debate opinions the morning before the debates). The premise is mildly mean-spirited, but it’s also humanity in a microcosm as everyone wants to to look smart and well-informed. But instead they end looking like big dummies. What’s not to love?

So last night when Kimmel’s team took to the Hollywood streets to taste test the new $7 dollar Starbucks coffee versus standard Starbucks coffee while using the exact same coffee for both I was sold before they even hit the first test subject. Because coffee bullsh*tting is some of the finest bullsh*tting. “Flavor,” “richness,” “beans,” etc. People are the worst. Join me in laughing at them, won’t you?

Humanity’s lone bright spot showing up at the 2:47 mark was a nice touch. God bless you sir.