Jimmy Kimmel Threw Snow At Shirtless Californians Bragging About The Warm Weather

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.08.14 7 Comments


I recently moved from New York to Texas to escape the kind of freezing weather that’s turned the Lone Star State (and everywhere) into a tundra of gray and sadness. The average January temperature is a very pleasant 50, not a bone-chilling 15, so while I understand the need for no-good Californians to brag about frolicking outside while the rest of us are afraid to leave our blanket cocoons, I also DIE DIE DIE PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t kill Becky Beach Babe and Johnny Sandinhispants on TV; instead, he got Cousin Sal to throw snow at them…and then they went home, got hypothermia, and DIE DIE DIE. Hopefully.

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