Jimmy Kimmel To Guest Host ‘The Bachelor’ Monday (And Hopefully Do Some Hot Tubbin’)

Kimmel Bachelor
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When you think back to Jimmy Kimmel’s run on The Man Show, it’s hard to imagine how his career has played out for him. Here we are, years later, he has his own highly successful late night show and he’s about to guest host The Bachelor on Monday. Safe to assume no one saw that coming. ABC is bringing in the funnyman to liven up the show a bit with his classic charm while helping with its ratings dip from last week, which was the lowest in series history.

From The Wrap:

Kimmel will also trick Chris and a Canadian dance instructor named Kaitlyn into believing they’re headed for a date at a high-end club, but the duplicitous late night host has something else up his sleeve. Eventually, Chris and at least one lucky lady are said to end up back at the show’s hot tub.

Tune in to The Bachelor Monday at 8 PM ET on ABC to see if our beloved guest host ends up hot tubbing with Chris Soules and his lady of choice that night.

Via TheWrap