Jimmy Kimmel Made A Hilarious New Campaign Ad For Donald Trump

08.28.15 3 years ago

Donald Trump is proof that if you have enough money and scream your opinions loudly enough, people have no choice but to listen to you. Hell, some people may even agree with you, even if what you’re proposing is nothing more than a bunch of vague platitudes about “making America great again.”

Jimmy Kimmel and his team decided to make a campaign video for Trump that is fittingly unclear and blustering. They probably should have started the video with a “sorry, losers and haters” for authenticity’s sake, but there is only so much reality they could add without it crossing the line from parody to “oh crap, this is all too real.” Regardless, this video nails Trump’s special kind of jingoism and bullying tactics.

The average politician would probably let this go, chalking it up to a casualty of the job. Well, by now, it is abundantly clear that Trump is not your average politician, so keep an eye on Trump’s Twitter feed (if you dare) for an eloquent rebuttal calling Kimmel stupid and himself awesome any day now. He’ll just have to take a break from harassing Megyn Kelly.

Seriously, is this election over yet?

(Via the Daily Dot)

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