Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People Trump Wants To Make A Bunch Of Outrageous Changes To The White House

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Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s regular street segment, “Lie Witness News,” spent most of the 2016 presidential election scouring the streets of Hollywood for people willing to affirm grossly untrue statements about Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence with Vladimir Putin, her affair with Anthony Weiner, and Donald Trump’s upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars. Now that the Donald has won, however, the bit has turned its full attention to his transition into the White House and what that process may look like.

For example, whether or not the brand-hungry Trump will do anything to alter the physical appearance of the White House. The historic structure hasn’t undergone any extensive renovation since the Truman renovation, when the building was gutted and retrofitted with a steel structure. Individual rooms are redesigned and redecorated all the time, but place a giant, golden “TRUMP” sign along the front of the building? Of course not… unless you’re interviewed for “Lie Witness News.”

Outright lies (we hope) believed by Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s latest victims include:

  • Trump’s discussing with Obama his plans to “tear it down to build a bigger, better White House.”
  • The addition of a “White House food court,” which one interviewee disliked except for a Cinnabon.
  • Replace everything with a “50-story penthouse building, gold on the outside, giant T on top.”
  • Getting a bigger Christmas tree because past Christmas trees have been “too small.”

Then again, considering what some of the eligible-for-voting American citizens interviewed thought about President Jimmy Carter’s addition of an outhouse to the White House grounds, it’s not surprising they’d believe President-elect Trump intends to renovate the famous landmark so extensively.

(Again, we hope.)

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