Jimmy Kimmel Was Able To Get Trump Supporters To Believe Anything About Trumpcare

With last week’s passing of the GOP healthcare plan by the House and the bill now marching towards the Senate, it’s time to prepare ourselves that Trumpcare — which would have a disastrous effect on the medical care of millions of Americans — could soon become a reality. In the wake of his newborn son’s open heart surgery, Jimmy Kimmel has not held back his feelings at all when it comes to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and last night he delivered a scathing monologue firing back at his critics.

Speaking of those critics, Kimmel later made the point that people have strong opinions when it comes to the subject, “even if they know little to none of the details of the subject.” As such, yesterday afternoon he sent a cameraman out to Hollywood Boulevard for a special Trumpcare edition of Lie Witness News to ask Trump supporters about completely fabricated provisions of the new bill.

In short, the list of things Trump supporters are totally freaking hunky dory with include: allowing veterinarians to perform surgery on uninsured Americans, “Uber EMTs,” something called “repeal, rinse, and repeat,” YouTube tutorial self-sutures, and poor people paying for their health care by donating an organ. We’re gonna be just fine, folks.