Jimmy Kimmel Compared Tucker Carlson To The Joker After Hearing His Maniacal Laugh

Jimmy Kimmel has been so preoccupied with Mike Lindell this week, he almost didn’t notice that Tucker Carlson has turned into the Joker.

In the days since a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, “many Americans have spoken powerfully and passionately about the verdicts and their significance yesterday, but none spoke less eloquently than Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Tucker had a former-New York City prison official on his show, and when the officer dared to use the word ‘savagery’ to describe what Derek Chauvin did, Tucker had a little explosion in his head,” as you can see (and hear) here.

“What the hell was that?” Kimmel wondered after playing the clip during Wednesday’s episode. “It’s like there’s a little girl trapped in his head, right? He laughs like the villain in the movie who realizes James Bond just put the bomb back on him, and he’s about to explode.” Kimmel then brought it back to his best buddy, Mike Lindell (the interview is happening next week, folks). “Mike Lindell, he’s bananas all the time. He’s consistent. Tucker Carlson just lets little bursts of it slip out, like the Joker or something.”

You can watch the complete monologue above.