Jimmy Kimmel Got A Few More Jabs On Donald Trump Jr. While Discussing Harvey Weinstein

The scandal involving Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual assault allegations and his eventual dismissal from his own company ignited quite the discussion over the weekend. Most of it was aimed at the behavior throughout Hollywood and what can be done to change the environment in the future, but some on the right found it to be an open door to bash the left for some reason. While there’s plenty to be said about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party accepting donations from someone who was apparently notorious for his behavior around the entertainment industry, it is far more widespread than just some political move. And as Jimmy Kimmel shows, it also reflects poorly back on the president.

While discussing his Twitter spat with Donald Trump Jr. over the weekend following the elder Trump’s criticism of late night television. Junior decided the time was right to hit Kimmel about Harvey Weinstein, leading to the exchange we all saw that ended with Kimmel sharing the Access Hollywood video that was leaked right before the election.

Kimmel weaves this in with his own response about Weinstein, his behavior, and the years that the allegations went ignored. He even says he’s not out to defend Hillary Clinton, adding in all of the jokes he’s made about Bill Clinton — and Bill Cosby — in the past. It’s not a solution and Kimmel isn’t breaking any barriers with this, but it is a nice way to defuse the political attacks leaning against what is a very nasty set of incidents. Donald Trump was a Democrat when that video was shot and is a Republican now, but his behavior somehow remains the same.

He then concludes with a Harvey Weinstein joke and introduces the one celebrity that apparently hasn’t seen the Trump Access Hollywood tape: Snoop Dogg. As Kimmel puts it, “Snoop is so high, he doesn’t know how to use Google.”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)