Jimmy Kimmel ‘Re-Accommodates’ United’s Advertising After Their Overbooking Controversy

With most of late night taking off this week, Jimmy Kimmel is all by his lonesome on network television — Conan is holding down the cable side of things. That means Kimmel gets the chance to tackle United’s horrible PR disaster from Monday, including the decision to make jokes about what happened and United’s somewhat divisive response to it.

Kimmel runs down the events from start to finish, including the incident with the 69-year-old doctor that resulted in his face smacking into an armrest and his bloody return to the plane. It’s still shocking to watch, but United response to it draws most of the ire from Kimmel. This includes United CEO Oscar Munoz’s statement apologizing for “re-accommodating” their passengers by overbooking and his later email to employees that didn’t gain a warm reception online.

But look, Kimmel is a guy who is out to help. He wants to do good and save United from this public relations disaster. That’s why he and his staff put together a fresh new ad that cuts out the frills and provides passengers with a notice about what to expect when they make their way onto their next United flight. The basic idea is to just keep your mouth shut, do as you’re told, and don’t try to fight back. You’re in United’s world and they made it clear that they will not tolerate folks who go against their plans.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)