Joan Rivers Trashes Jay Leno, Dane Cook, and Chelsea Handler

02.17.12 8 years ago 20 Comments

Sometimes people give Joan Rivers a hard time, usually for the massive amount of plastic surgery she’s had done over the years, or her role as E!’s fashion critic for the big award shows. And, yeah, she didn’t exactly sound like a peach to work with in this revealing interview with her former manager. Fine. I’ll give you all that.

I am willing to concede all that because, every now and again, she will do something that simply delights me. Like, for example, making a terrific documentary about her life. Or getting high and drinking hot tub water out of a shoe. Or, as she does here, going on television and trashing three of my least favorite comics: Jay Leno, Dane Cook, and Chelsea Handler.

I don’t care what anybody else says, Joan. You’re all right with me.

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