Joaquin Phoenix Announced His Engagement With This Weird Romantic Story On ‘Letterman’

It’s probably pretty easy to fall in love with your yoga instructor. Or at least easy enough to think you’re in love, given the relaxing nature of the exercise and those damn pants. Your mind goes places and for Joaquin Phoenix, they went directly towards marriage.

Now he didn’t immediately go for her hand during yoga, but he did meet her while attempting to do a few moves. Namely a move called harnessing the hog, which I don’t think is real. It’s either a personal creation of this lovely yoga goddess or it’s got another name somewhere. I couldn’t find it, so I agree with David Letterman here.

Phoenix then goes into a full on demonstration, twisting like a pretzel on The Late Show stage and referring to his junk as his Julio Igelisas, something I will immediately start doing (although to be fair, it’d probably be more of a Paul Rodriguez).

This all ends up with Phoenix announcing his engagement to this woman on national TV and Letterman using “harness the hog” in the funniest way you’ll hear. I’m going to miss him.

(Via The Late Show)