Joe Biden Confronts Those Presidential Rumors With Some Shots At Trump On ‘Colbert’

Yesterday, Joe Biden talked to reporters about the possibility that he could or would run for president in four years. Those comments, which were teasing at beast and wishy-washy at worst, opened up a lot of speculation that the current VP and long-time senator might still have it in him to make a run for the White House and face off against Donald Trump in 2020.

So tonight, Biden joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to discuss those comments and clarify what exactly he meant by those back and forth statements to reporters on Capital Hill. In the segment, Biden sums things up by saying he’s not completely ruling out a run down the road but that he currently doesn’t foresee one. However, relying on foresight and detailed planning doesn’t always lead to the expected outcome so the door to “Joe Biden: President of the United States” is still open just a crack.

When the time comes to discuss his age in relation to when he would potentially enter the White House, Biden seizes the opportunity to take a shot at Donald Trump and his “perfect” health.

“Hell, Donald Trump’s going to be 74. I’ll be 77 in better shape, I mean…”

How long until Trump guesses the new Twitter password on his account and starts an epic tweet storm about VP Biden saying he isn’t healthy?

In the end, it turns out that Biden really likes being popular and according to him nothing makes you more popular than saying you aren’t running for president. So it looks like we’re about to be a part of Uncle Joe’s popularity feedback for as long as he wants to feel loved. It’s hard to not love Biden in the first place though, so maybe he should just make up his mind for good on whether he’ll attempt a third run for the White House or keep it at two campaigns and two losses. “Never say never” is a great outlook to have in life, but on the other hand in retirement you can enjoy all the ice cream and fashionable scarves you want.