Joe Biden Is Guest Starring On The Next ‘SVU’ (Please Let Him Be Playing A Cop)

This week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU focuses on some sort of crime involving a man who was maybe wrongly convicted of a sexual assault years ago and now is the prime suspect in a new one, but you already knew that because that is more or less the plot of one out of three episodes of SVU. The important thing about this one, however, is that Vice President Joe Biden will make an appearance, which you can see in the short teaser above.

The best part about that teaser is that it’s ambiguous enough to leave open the possibility that Joe Biden is appearing on SVU as a cop. Like, he’s not, obviously, because you can’t just have sitting vice presidents out there running around doing guest spots as cops on long-running network procedurals, but this teaser never explicitly rules it out, which leaves me room to dream. I choose to believe he’s playing a detective from Miami who is working with the squad on the case. And his name is… hmm. Let’s go with Mick Hawaii. Yeah, Detective Mick Hawaii. I smell spinoff.

Who knows? Maybe Mick Hawaii is secretly a member of the underworld. I’m not saying Joe Biden could make a perfect TV villain if he wanted to. I’m definitely not saying that. But I am going to post this video again and you can read into that what you like.