Fox Is Bringing ‘Joe Millionaire’ Back From The Dead After 20 Years, This Time Featuring A Secretly Rich Guy And A Secretly Poor Guy

Perhaps taking a cue from its Fox News viewers who also believe that JFK, Jr. is coming back from the dead to either declare Donald Trump president or run alongside him in 2024, Deadline reported that FOX is resurrecting Joe Millionaire.

For those of you too young to remember what Joe Millionaire was, or have spent years in therapy attempting to block it out, it was a 2003 reality dating show with a twist: The wealthy bachelor women were scratching each other’s eyes out to marry turned out to be a regular old “construction worker.” Ewww! The show ran for two seasons, then disappeared into the footnotes of the early aughts. Where it ideally would have remained, except FOX has decided that—more than two decades later—it’s still totally cool to portray women as little more than money-grubbers. Except now they’re adding a new twist: There will be TWO bachelors, and only ONE of them is rich. Which means it’ll be up to these gold-diggers to fall in love with the right bachelor—because who wants to fall in love with a guy who isn’t rich?! Gasp!

In what might be the most damning indictment of the 2000s, Deadline wrote that the season 1 finale of Joe Millionaire “drew more than 40 million viewers and was the most-watched entertainment show of the 2003 season and Fox’s most-watched entertainment show in its history at the time.”

“This revival of Joe Millionaire represents a potent combination: One of the most innovative and popular dating shows of all time with [Jersey Shore executive producer/developer] SallyAnn Salsano, who ranks among the most fearless producers in the business,” Rob Wade, Fox Entertainment’s president of alternative entertainment & specials said in a statement. “I’ve long admired Joe Millionaire for its daring premise, and since the moment I joined Fox, I’ve wanted to bring it back in the spotlight in a whole new way for both new viewers and fans of the original.”

That makes one of us. You can watch the trailer for the rebooted ruse above.

(Via Deadline)