Joe Rogan is a Useless Human Being

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12.09.11 40 Comments

“Fear Factor,” the NBC reality competition that launched in 2001 as the network’s answer to “Survivor,” struck me as one of the first stages of our impending Idiocracy apocalypse, which has since been joined by two other horsemen of the apocalypse, the “Jersey Shore” cast and Olivia Munn. After several successful seasons, “Fear Factor,” however, began to lose its luster and eventually NBC put a cancellation bullet in useless douchebag Joe Rogan. He’s like the Keanu Reeves of Guy Fieris.

But, it’s NBC. Six years after the cancellation of “Fear Factor,” it’s now airing shows like “Chuck,” which is even lower rated than “Community” if you can believe it, despite all the GIFable Yvonne Strahovski moments in that show. So, of course, NBC decides to bring back “Fear Factor” — starting Monday — and judging from the promos I’ve seen so far, this new “Fear Factor” will be even more extreme and extremely repugnant than the previous iteration. It’s like televised Saw. There’s a challenge, pictured above, in which it appears that contestants have to swim around in a pool of blood to locate a cow heart. The season will also include explosions, human cannonballing, and even a challenge where women in bikinis will be submerged into leech-infested water. And, of course, there will be more vomit than the average episode of Tosh 2.0.

Check out the teaser spot after the jump. If the previous incarnation of the show is any indication, it’s almost certainly not as enticing as the promos make it look.

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