Joe Scarborough Literally Cannot Bear To Watch Mitt Romney’s Awkward Attempt To Rally A Crowd

09.26.12 24 Comments

As I suspect is the case with many of you reading this, I’m so ready for this presidential campaign to be over with, to the point where I simply can’t bring myself to watch cable news very much. But I do still enjoy Morning Joe every now and then! Occasional douchebag guest aside, it’s always struck me as the most sensible, balanced and non shout-y cable news talk show going these days.

With that said, I’m kind of sad that I didn’t tune in this morning to see this live: Republican co-host Joe Scarborough, a Romney supporter, recoiling in horror after viewing a clip of the Most Painfully Awkward Man in the World trying to coax a crowd into starting a “Romney/Ryan” chant. Like, Scarborough literally buries his face in his hands and moans, “sweet Jesus.”

And just think: with the debates still to come and Romney as of now estimated to have less than a 4% chance of beating Obama, it’s only going to get more painfully awkward from here!

(Via GIFs From Last Night)

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