Joel McHale Addressed The ‘Late Late Show’ Rumors On ‘Conan’ Last Night

Editorial Director
06.27.14 7 Comments

Last month friend of the program and UPROXX spirit guide Joel McHale tweeted a photo of him hanging out with CBS chief Les Moonves and it got the internet speculation machine going, all but guaranteeing that Joel McHale would inevitably be announced as the new host of The Late Late Show.

Turns out none of that is happening and McHale couldn’t be less interested, if the first part of his interview with Conan O’Brien last night is to be fully believed. If you’re not so much interested in watching Joel McHale state that he’s not taking the CBS gig, I’d recommend sticking around for the short discussion on what it takes to be a late night host (hint: neediness) and then — especially — the transition at the 2:30 mark to Eric Bana’s Bronx accent and Joel’s theory on Australians. There are impressions.

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