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GET IT?!?!?!? PILOTS???

It’s pilot season, which means we get to read about new shows that will either never come to fruition or will be canceled by this time next year.  And two of my favorite people — Joel McHale (host of “The Soup”) and Amy Smart (frequent shirt-remover) — will get their chance at starring roles on network TV.

McHale has been cast as the lead on NBC’s comedy pilot “Community,” which Anthony and Joe Russo have signed on to direct… The Sony-produced “Community” is described as “Stripes” in a community college and centers on Jeff (McHale), a lawyer who is back at school after his college degree is deemed invalid…

The ABC Studios-produced “Cate” centers on C.C. (Amy Smart), a young prosecuting attorney who one day is going to be a serious contender for U.S. president.

There’s not really a whole lot to say about either of these until the president starts taking off her shirt; my main concern right now is who’s going to be hosting “The Soup” next season.  I’m sorry, but I love “The Soup.”  It saves me probably 15 hours of watching TV every week.  It’s how I sound so knowledgeable about all these crappy shows.  Well, maybe not “knowledgeable.”  I’ll settle for “less clueless.”

UPDATE: McHale’s staying with “The Soup.”

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