Joel McHale Crushed Your ‘Late Late Show’ Dreams Before You Even Had Them

Now that Craig Ferguson has announced his departure from The Late Late Show on CBS, the rumor mill is hard at work predicting or influencing who the network will hire for the unenviable job of replacing him. Chelsea Handler and her people have been hard at work lobbying for that gig or possibly a Netflix show, while TIME recommended not replacing him at all and trying something else with the time slot, but none of us will know what CBS has planned until the network simply does what it did with Stephen Colbert and just announce it.

Howard Stern had a different idea on his show this morning, as he welcomed The Soup and Community star Joel McHale to talk about his gig on Saturday as the host of the White House Correspondents’ dinner, and eventually whether or not he’d be interested in replacing Ferguson, as Stern had even originally mentioned him as a replacement for David Letterman. Obviously, McHale thinks Community will be renewed and he wants it to be renewed, so if that happens, he wouldn’t be able to take a job with CBS. But the most important factor would be that CBS would actually have to offer him the job. I’ve heard that’s always an important part.

If you don’t want to listen to McHale talk about the worst jokes that he and his writers came up with for the White House gig, you can fast forward to about the 21:40 mark to listen to Stern and Robin ask him about the late night shake-ups. It’s also fun to listen to current E! employee McHale very carefully express his opinions about former E! employee Handler, who left under very unhappy circumstances. The guy sure can tap dance.