Joel McHale Tells Conan What We Already Know About Justin Bieber: He’s A F*cking Idiot

Justin Bieber might be retired, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the public eye. The Canadian douchelet is busy preparing for his tribute to Dennis The Menace by egging houses and dealing with nosy cops. You know, gangsta sh*t. “Deep Cover” on repeat in your Discman type sh*t.

Joel McHale summed up the behavior during his visit to Conan, calling Bieber a “f*cking idiot.” Why is Biebs egging houses? He’s so rich that he’s running out of things to do. The only problem is that he’s affecting others negatively in the process, hence the f*cking idiot part.

So to help, why not let the public suggest things for Bieber to do in the coming weeks? How about car bomb bingo? When Bieber starts a car and it explodes, we all win. Or how about a detergent taste test? A trip inside the ape house at the zoo? Maybe we can convince Justin that he’s gained super powers and have him stand on the highway at dawn.

You know, I’m seeing a trend here with my suggestions. Maybe you can do better? Either way, I think Joel McHale is onto something here. I desperately want to hang out and lick skulls with him.

(Via Team Coco)