Joel McHale on ‘Sesame Street.’ Sploosh.

01.19.12 15 Comments

This is a clip of Joel McHale’s recent appearance on “Sesame Street.” Now, a cute video where a celebrity teaches kids a vocabulary word isn’t usually MOST IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS around these parts, but this one is notable for one main reason: Joel McHale. From starring in “Community,” to doing a much better job roasting crappy TV than us on “The Soup,” to slugging scotch with Kathie Lee and Hota, to, now, educating the nation’s youth on daytime television alongside America’s most beloved puppets, the man has proven again and again that he is a national treasure. We should bronze him alive and keep him in a museum so future generations can get close enough to him that they can bask in his aura. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable thing to say. A touch creepy and illegal? Perhaps. But not unreasonable.

This clip brings up another important point: that whirring sound you hear right now is female babystuff parts (medical term) all over the country kicking into high gear. And by “high gear,” I mean “WARP SPEED.” A handsome, funny dude who also makes adorable appearances on children’s television? Holy hell. Never has the following GIF been more appropriate:

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