Joel McHale Wants Nothing To Do With Hosting ‘The Daily Show’: ‘I Don’t Think I’m Smart Enough’

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02.12.15 15 Comments

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Despite the hot rumors that Joel McHale was looking for a new show for hosting, particularly The Late Late Show over at CBS, you won’t be seeing his name being bounced around to step in to take over The Daily Show once Jon Stewart steps down.

There’s a few good reasons for this, mostly business related, and McHale sat down with Variety to chat about it:

“I don’t think I’m smart enough to do the job,” he told Variety. “I think I come off as being smart. But deep down I’m really not. Plus, I’ve just signed on for two more years at E!, and I’m having a ball on that show. And E! has been incredibly good…

“Jon Stewart deals with large, very important issues,” he said. “We obsess about the weirdoes on ‘The Bachelor’ who do ghost adventures and look for Bigfoot. So I think the show would not be up to the intellectual standards that everyone is looking for.”

I don’t buy the intellectual part one bit, but it is some high praise for Stewart and crew. What I do buy is that McHale would be a bad fit for the current version of The Daily Show. Not only has he made The Soup his own at this point, he’s got a very different vibe. Both are out to make silly people look foolish, but they manage to do it in different ways.

Also, on a personal note, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have McHale to make fun of Bigfoot programming for me each week. Even if it is stuck on E! after whatever Kardashian show they’re airing and before repeats of Wild On.

(Via Variety)

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