Joel McHale: Still the Greatest

03.15.12 15 Comments

All apologies to anyone who isn’t a fan of “Community,” but this afternoon is going to be chockablock with content related to the show. The combination of a huge publicity push by everyone involved and our own ADD-riddled excitement over its return tonight means other stuff is kind of getting brushed aside. Them’s the breaks.

As part of the aforementioned publicity push, Joel McHale made his triumphant return to “The Today Show,” visiting with everyone’s favorite boozy morning show hosts, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb. The segment starts with Joel drinking a mimosa, and features him trading zingers with Kathie Lee and pulling out a plastic bag full of bottles of Guinness to share with the hosts (one of which he pours into his mimosa, creating a drink I have chosen to begin referring to as The Irishman’s Florida Breakfast). It all served as continuing evidence that Joel McHale is, in fact, the greatest. I mean, was it great when Nick Offerman and Will Ferrell showed up the other day wearing robes? Sure. But to quote a wise Baltimore drug dealer, “the king stay the king.”

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