Joffrey Haters Might Be Interested In These Esquire Photos Of Queen Natalie Dormer

Here’s some fuel to add to your Joffrey’s head bonfire: he’s betrothed to the lovely lady above, Natalie Dormer, or as she’s known on the Internet, the Only Acceptable Duckface. As someone who’s unable to differentiate between reality and pop culture anymore, let me just say, this is unacceptable, a fine, young actress having to marry a sniveling weasel like Joffrey. There are so many other acceptable suitors out there, like anyone but Joffrey.

Proof: a reenactment, if you’ll allow, of Joffrey’s reactions to Dormer’s photos in Esquire.

Never forget that Joffrey is the worst. And that Game of Thrones is real. More photos here.

(Photos by Simon Emmett for Esquire)