‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Proves That Heels Can Be Highly Dangerous On The Wrong Feet

The chat show Loose Women has covered a lot of topics for UK women over the years, but it would seem that men should probably take a little notice too. John Barrowman found out first hand how everything isn’t as it seems between men and women fashion, donning a pair of heels and attempting to show them off to the viewing audience during a promo for the show.

This leads to Barrowman taking a fairly epic spill backwards, prompted some shocked looks by the hosts of the show and some scrambling by the crew. Barrowman is perfectly fine, but the entire ordeal had to be embarrassing for the former Captain Jack.

Luckily he’s smooth up to make up for it after the fact and technically land on his feet. But still, a segment about high heels ended with the man wearing high heels on the ground. Not even up and walking around, he was literally sitting when things awry. Who knows what would’ve happened had he been walking around. It’s safe to say that he’s no Chris Pratt.

That’s a guy who knows his way around in a pair of heels. Watch out folks because he’ll be the one doing the running in the next Jurassic World.