John Boyega Reveals That ‘Star Wars’ Wound Up Hurting His Love Life

What sensible person wouldn’t want to date John Boyega? He’s a handsome intergalactic swashbuckler with charm to spare. The actor shared a story on The Graham Norton Show (he was busy that night) that laid out how such a scenario played out thanks to his role in Star Wars.

Boyega revealed (after sufficient Norton jostling) this particular moment of romance woe came from before crossing into blockbuster movie star status as Finn.

“She didn’t know what I did until we were driving through Times Square. She goes ‘What do you do for a living?’ Looked up and I said, ‘That.’ It was me over a lightsaber,” explained Boyega. “That was the end of the relationship.”

The fact that he’s sharing his dating sob stories with fellow guest Orlando Bloom might temper your pity for Boyega’s Star Wars dating handicap.

“I blocked her on my phone,” noted Boyega. “Yeah, I mean, that picture in itself just affected her kind of stance.”

As is the case on Norton, a tale of mild humiliation leads to a fun panel talk that veers into the playfully crude. Bloom, plus Snatched duo Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, shared insight on dating and addressed whether or not comedy “leads to d*ck.” Journal accordingly.