‘Futurama’ Meets Chuck Tingle As John DiMaggio Reads Tingle’s Latest On @Midnight

Futurama‘s Bender, as we all know, is a master of seduction, especially when the Planet Express crew loses track of their credit cards. But for all of Bender’s tasteful eroticism, nothing can quite rival what happens when he teams up with the internet’s favorite purveyor of erotica, Chuck Tingle.

Tingle, who you might remember as the author who pioneered being pounded in the butt by abstract concepts, extinct animals, and his own butt, was on @midnight, along with, uh, the Jolly Green Giant and an overly jacked T. Rex. His goal: To write yet another Tingler, of course. But this time, the Midnight team brought on a very special audiobook reader, John DiMaggio. And yes, he read it in character:

This forces us to wonder if Bender doesn’t have a secret career as an erotic audiobook voice actor. It makes sense, if you think about it; there’s no way Planet Express pays his booze and cigar bills, even when you factor in all the stuff he’s stealing. It’s not like he’d have a job where you have to do any sort of labor, and it’d likely improve his game with the ladies. At least until Fry forgets his credit card again, but hey, no one should tolerate a drought.

(via @midnight)