John Goodman Narrates ‘Best Food’

04.22.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Birthday Cat knows he's not getting a second piece of cake

In news that I’m covering solely for the headline, TLC has picked up six episodes of “Best Food Ever,” which will be narrated by John Goodman. Because he’s fat, you see. He eats a lot of food, and would therefore be an expert on which food is the best ever. The series begins May 3rd, and will be just like every other food show that travels around the country and shows you food you want to eat.

However, in the interest of hating on TLC’s programming, here’s a fun quote from the Variety story:

Pickup comes as TLC, coming off the success of “Cake Boss,” “BBQ Pitmasters” and “Ultimate Cake Off,” preps several more food-related series. New shows on tap include “Food Buddha,” “Cupcake Sisters” and “Mega Bites.”

“Our three tentpole genres now are food, families and weddings,” said TLC topper Eileen O’Neill. “As a genre, food is relatable. And it’s having its boom time, much like the property space did a couple of years ago.”

Only three tentpoles for TLC’s programming? How can she forget the midget tentpole? Was it not tall enough to hold up the tent?

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