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At Friday night’s Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner, author/actor/humorist John Hodgman delivered the keynote speech at what he dubbed “Nerd Prom,” and used the forum to test whether Barack Obama — seated to his right — was really the “first nerd president.” The whole speech is excellent and chock-full of nerdy references, but the highlight comes four minutes into part 2 (video below), when Hodgman’s excitement about the sci-fi classic Dune reaches a fever pitch.

By the way, I’m hoping that this speech raises Hodgman to level of fame where people no longer have to refer to him as “the PC guy.”  He’s written two hilarious books and is a regular contributor to “The Daily Show” — please, let’s stop associating someone smart and funny with Justin Long.  That guy needs to get attacked by wild dogs wielding two-by-fours.

p.s. “Shai-Hulud,” “thumpers,” and “water of life.” **pushes glasses up nose**

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