John Mulaney Is Hosting ‘SNL’ Again And Everybody’s Excited

Will Heath/NBC

Last April, former Saturday Night Live writer-turned-superstar comedian John Mulaney hosted one of the best episodes of the variety sketch show’s 43rd season. From the meme-ready “Diner Lobster” sketch to the stand-up comedy-esque opening monologue, Mulaney’s episode was truly one of 2018’s best nights of comedic television. Nearly a year later, the Kid Gorgeous at Radio City comic is coming back to host the 14th episode of SNL‘s 44th season, which airs March 2nd.

The show’s official Twitter account announced during last night’s Don Cheadle episode that Mulaney would be back as the guest host in two weeks. American country musician Thomas Rhett will be the musical guest.

Mulaney confirmed the news shortly after on his official social media pages with the simple declaration, “oh boy.”

Needless to say, people are pretty pumped about Mulaney’s return to Studio 8H.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an announcement about Mulaney returning to SNL without at least one mention of the “Diner Lobster” sketch.

There’s no way to tell if Mulaney and the writers will be revisiting the now-classic (and undeniably bonkers) bit. After all, as the comedian explained on Twitter soon after it aired, he and Colin Jost had written it way back in 2010. So the chances that an official “Diner Lobster” sequel already exists are pretty slim. Considering its popularity, however, don’t be too surprised if the SNL team finds a way to work in another Les Misérables parody involving marine life on March 2nd.