John Mulaney Advises Pete Davidson To Act ‘Real Stupid’ In His ‘SNL’ Promo

SNL picked quite the week to put Pete Davidson in a promo.

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God that went viral, Davidson revealed that he’s considered leaving the sketch show because “they think I’m f*cking dumb” and “they make fun of me on it.” He also called disgraced comedian Louis C.K. a “piece of sh*t” who tried to get him fired and, in his Netflix special Alive From New York, joked about Ariana Grande looking like she “spray-painted [herself] brown” on the cover of Vogue. And now he’s in the promo for this weekend’s episode, hosted by John Mulaney. Oh yeah: John Mulaney is hosting SNL this weekend, hopefully with the Sack Lunch Bunch.

In the clip above (it’s unclear if it was filmed before or after Davidson’s interview), Mulaney interrupts Davidson’s holistic session with “Guru Gary,” who’s been working with the SNL cast member on his “inner chakras.” Davidson’s eyes are clear (C.K. would be thrilled that they’re not bloodshot) and he’s finally sleeping, including his first-ever dream; he even gave up his pet monkey. Mulaney, acting like a big brother, is proud that Davidson has sobered up and turned his life around, but he also knows what the people want: for Davidson to act “real stupid.” Not to be confused with “f*cking dumb.”

And you would be dumb to miss Mulaney with musical guest David Byrne.