John Oliver (And Russia) Finally Found That Satellite Full Of Rabid Sex Geckos

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08.05.14 4 Comments

In case you missed it, Russia found that satellite housing a funky gecko orgy. The lost satellite was made famous by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, with a Twitter hashtag and all-star video to bolster his efforts.

Oliver wants the credit of course, despite Russia restoring contact with the satellite before the original episode even aired. A mere technicality if you ask me because we didn’t really capture the spirit of the gecko’s until yesterday morning (and their f*ck funk a few hours later).

I think the funniest bit here is that WWE superstar Randy Orton lended his supporting to bringing the geckos home by doing the very least that he could do. As Oliver points out, it’s in Orton’s viper DNA to get those geckos. It’s also in his DNA to shed his skin, explaining his aversion to wearing pants.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.04.03 PM


(Via Last Week Tonight)

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