John Oliver Eviscerates The Common Cold During His Interview With A Very Sick Stephen Colbert

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So Stephen Colbert is sick and apparently spent the weekend in a drug coma, floating in and out of Netflix shows. But like a true professional, he’s not missing his show. That means the guests have to take some extra precaution to protect themselves from getting sick themselves. That also means no kissing.

John Oliver, being a TV host himself, knows the right procedure to get through an interview while sick and comes prepared. He drops some hand sanitizer on Colbert’s hands and then covers his desk with a layer too. Just a smart plan by Oliver, showing some of that prep he and his team do so well on Last Week Tonight.

Most of the interview revolves around his takedown of Donald Trump, the popularity of those “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hats, and a little discussion about the work that went into that encryption segment from this week’s episode. If you feel like Oliver soaks in all that info that he shuffles out each Sunday, don’t be silly. He’s no better than you, while still being much, much better than myself.

It’s always good to see these old Daily Show correspondents get together and chat. Colbert and Oliver don’t have the history of Colbert and Steve Carell, but it’s still there.

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