John Oliver Celebrates The Birth Of The Royal Baby, Mocks CNN’s Coverage Of It

Yeah, Louis C.K. was on the Daily Show last night, but let’s not forget that the show currently has a British host and the Royal Baby was born yesterday and someone on CNN said something incredibly dumb about it. So, naturally, John Oliver opened the show with a display of British pride and hearty mocking of CNN royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter, who yesterday said that Kate Middleton was “brilliant” for producing a boy instead of a girl on her first try at baby-making.

“You are aware that she is married to Prince William and not Khal Drogo, aren’t you?” Oliver quipped. “What would your response have been if it had been a girl? ‘Damnation upon your cursed womb, Katherine. Burn the princess, for she has produced a baby of the weaker sex. Burn them both! BURN THEM!'”

With that said, Kate and Drogo do kind of look cute together…