John Oliver Delivers The Blistering Takedown Of ‘Serial Liar’ Donald Trump We’ve All Been Waiting For

With Donald Trump poised to dominate Super Tuesday and secure the Republican nomination, John Oliver finally turned his attention to the formidable GOP candidate, who he says has become like a mole that can no longer be ignored. He did this by taking down the very qualities Trump supporters find appealing in their guy, starting with his track record of honesty and “telling it like it is.” As it turns out, Donald Trump is not actually a tremendously honest guy. Surprising, I know.

Oliver had to look no further than his own show, which Donald Trump claims to have been invited on, which he says is definitely not the case. He says he even checked with his staffers to make sure nobody “accidentally” invited him on. Yet for awhile there, Trump was telling anyone who would listen (everybody) that he had turned down a request to appear on Last Week Tonight.

Next, Oliver tackled Trump’s claim that he’s independent and self-funded, which supposedly means that he has no reason not to tell the truth. Again, false. While Trump hasn’t actually taken any corporate money, he has actually loaned his own campaign money, which he can pay back with… you guessed it, campaign funds, including $7.5 million in individual donations.

Trump’s perceived toughness is yet another quality his supporters find attractive, but a quick dive reveals a thin-skinned lawsuit-happy delicate f*cking flower, and one who seldom follows through with the numerous lawsuits he threatens. As Oliver points out, “I’ll sue you” is Donald Trump’s version of “Bazinga.” “It doesn’t mean anything, but he says it all the time.”

But Trump’s biggest selling point as a candidate is his success, which is actually not all that impressive when you dissect it. It just goes on and on and on. Oliver implores anyone seriously considering a vote for Trump, “a litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader who he can’t decide whether or not to condemn,” needs to take a serious look at the man, not the brand mascot he’s created for himself. And that man, before his family changed its name, would have actually been Donald Drumpf, not Trump.

You can learn more at, while we eagerly await Trump’s — I mean, Drumpf’s — inevitable Twitter rant (complete with empty threats of a lawsuit) in retaliation.

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