John Oliver: Fox News Employees Deserve To Have ‘Special Sauce’ Added To Their Fast Food Orders

08.02.13 155 Comments

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The debate over increasing the minimum wages (are you willing to pay a few cents more for your Big Mac so a minimum wage worker can earn a little more money?) rages on, and perhaps in no single place is that debate raging more than on Fox News, where…SURPRISE!…they’re all steadfastly against it because it’s “punishes job creators” and whatnot.

Well, John Oliver has a problem with this, largely because fast food companies print money on the backs of minimum wage workers. (As Oliver points out, McDonald’s made $5.5 billion in profits last year.) So he playfully made a suggestion to America’s fast food workers in regards to what they should do if someone from Fox News places an order at an establishment in which they work.

“I’m not saying you should give them the special sauce,” Oliver said. “I’m just saying it’s pretty clear they deserve it.”

Here’s part one…

Here’s part two…

And here’s part three…

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