John Oliver Is Sneaking Vital Information To Donald Trump Through ‘Fox And Friends’

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A recent report in the New York Times called Fox & Friends the “most powerful TV show in America.” That’s because the morning news program is appointment viewing for Donald J. Trump — the president not only watches it every morning, he also interacts with it (“Mr. Trump’s live tweets set and reshape the show’s focus,” the Times wrote); it’s basically his Blue’s Clues.

The quickest way to Trump’s heart is through Fox & Friends, which is why John Oliver is planning to “sneak information” to the president using his favorite show. After going over the “three key techniques that [Trump] uses to insulate himself from criticism and consequence” — they are: delegitimizing the media, “whataboutism,” and trolling — the Last Week Tonight host revealed that his good friend, the ever-informative Catheter Cowboy, is coming back.

[Oliver] then presented some sample ads he was going to place in the Washington D.C. area, like one of the Catheter Cowboy explaining how “clean coal” doesn’t refer to the physical act of cleaning coal. Other fun facts include how the U.S. Virgin Islands has a governor and not a president, Navy SEALs aren’t actually seals, not look directly at the sun during an eclipse, and that Nazis are bad. (Via)

Sunday’s Last Week Tonight was the final episode of the season, but before saying goodbye, the Catheter Cowboy left Trump with an important message: “Buddy, this can’t be that hard. Nazis bad.” Someone should write that on his (totally gigantic, ridiculously powerful, much bigger than Obama’s) hand.

(Via Mediaite)

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