John Oliver Told A Profane Kermit The Frog Joke For The Ages While Celebrating How He Caused Auto Commercial Chaos

Last Week Tonight took the week off from a full-on episode, but John Oliver did find the time to grace us with his presence in a web-exclusive clip. In the process, he squeezed in a dirty Kermit joke amid celebrating his chaos on the auto-commercial front. This follows up nicely on his recent joke about Mickey Mouse getting busy that led into a deep-dive on the ambulance crisis, so we’re definitely getting our Oliver fix in his patented serious-yet-visceral way.

The subject of the evening was Oliver’s followup on observing that a hell of a lot of auto dealerships use the same concept for their commercials. It’s to the point where they’re literally dressing dudes up as pickles and talking about being in a sales pickle. Exactly why this happens is beyond comprehension, but Oliver hit the 1:00 minute mark (above) while declaring, “To quote my favorite pig f*cker, it’s not easy being green.”

From there, however, the host was overjoyed because he had offered up a “very good script” for any auto dealership to accept for free, as long as they actually used the script, word for word. Well, a Minnesota dealer (Zombroda Ford) accepted the challenge, and Oliver remarked upon the chutzpah involved with doing so. “I would argue that that was a hell of an offer on our part,” he observed. “And to be honest, quite a risk for someone to take on. Do you really think we could be trusted with a situation like that? Because I definitely don’t.”

From there, cue the theatrics as the actors in the ad threw themselves into the script. As Oliver remarked, they nearly eclipsed the drama of Scenes of a Marriage. Oh hey, the husband got his new car after the divorce! Good for him. That’s Emmy winning stuff.

Last Week Tonight returns on October 24.