John Oliver Discusses The Horrid Nature Of The Medicaid Gap In America

Another Sunday, another perfectly crafted segment about American politics courtesy of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and this time, Oliver is trying to remind people that Election Day is this week. No, you don’t suddenly have to choose from 27 people for president; that is actually next year and will be narrowed down by then. But even in an off-year, elections are still held and they are still important.

This year, in addition to saving such holy creatures as the pangolin, four states are holding elections that affect healthcare for low-wage Americans. It’s a serious issue, as Oliver outlines, because it makes the difference between people having to choose between life-saving medical procedures and supporting their families. (You know, the people who would really like that person to get those life-saving procedures.)

Ironic that it takes a British man to clear this kind of thing up.

Source: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver