John Oliver Shared Some Thoughts On The ‘Apocalyptic’ Republican National Convention

07.25.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

This week on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the talk show host addressed something many of us have noticed, namely that the Republican National Convention seemed more like satire than reality. Oliver postulated it was perhaps the most “apocalyptic” thing to have ever happened in Cleveland, despite the fact that the city’s rivers have caught on fire. The whole convention, of course, was filled with fear-mongering and platitudes, and Oliver barely had to remind viewers of Melania Trump’s potentially plagiarized speech, though he elaborated by pointing out that several notable guests at the carnivalesque convention appeared to be focused on “feelings over facts,” as Newt Gingrich argued about crime statistics with a reporter, and underwear model/actor Antonio Sabàto Jr. made a bizarre and bold claim that he “believes” that the current Christian president of the United States is not a Christian.

Oliver then summed it up for all when he replayed a clip from an early season of The Apprentice, during which the presidential nominee repeatedly claims that he’s a “dictator,” and then ended the segment by inviting several musicians to record a song that advises politicians not to use their music without authorization.

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