John Oliver Gave The Russian Sex Geckos A Proper Send-Off Last Night

Not only did John Oliver tear into for-profit colleges on Last Week Tonight, but he also touched our hearts by touching on a story we’ve followed from the beginning: the Russian sex geckos. These horned-up cosmonauts went missing in July, which prompted Oliver to start a star-studded #GoGetThoseGeckos campaign. The satellite was found soon after that taping, which they followed up on, but the news turned tragic. All five geckos died doing what they loved: humping in space.

John Oliver gave the Russian sex geckos a respectful send-off with five mournful flicks of the tongue followed by a rousing rendition of “Say Something” with guests A Great Big World. I still prefer Danger Guerrero’s song over A Great Big World’s, but I’m biased. Nasally-voiced guys with receding Brillo hair scare the everloving sh*t out of me. The only thing that can take my eyes of that dude’s hair is this act of libation for our geck-homies departed.