John Oliver Sh*t All Over GM Last Night, And Then He Set The Stinking Mess On Fire For Good Measure

Morissey wasn’t the only John Oliver target on last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight — he broke out the sharp knives for General Motors, in fact. A worthy target if there ever was one, for more reasons than Charlie Sheen has porn star girlfriends, not the least of which being the fact that it was recently revealed that company execs knew about potentially fatal flaws to GM automobiles that they kept quiet for 13 years. Oliver summed up the situation quite perfectly, I think.

“That means a child attending her first day of school the day you found out would be old enough to die driving one of your cars the day you f*cking did something about it.”

And then at the end of the segment the show ran a new, more accurate commercial for GM. It was a nice exclamation point on a complete thrashing.