John Oliver And Stephen Colbert Get A Little Too Close For Comfort On ‘The Late Show’

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02.10.18 3 Comments

John Oliver’s appearance on The Late Show from earlier in the week continued to provide some gold on Friday. It isn’t a secret that Friday’s show is typically shot earlier in the week for most late night talk shows. But if you were unaware, Oliver’s laughter at Colbert’s insistence that he stuck around until Friday should clue you in.

If you want to believe the lie, though, it is a good thing he stuck around. It provided one of the funnier moments of his visit as he takes a moment to get close in Colbert’s “personal space.” It’s basically just 7 minutes of Colbert and Oliver bending over to stick their heads in a box, but it is hilarious as they sorta riff back and forth.

We find out that Oliver’s favorite swear is just your basic “f*ck, due to its status as “the piece of cutlery you want to go into battle with,” the reason he keeps his accent despite living in America for 11 years, and that he won’t stop to pick up anything below a quarter if he sees it on the street. Also, his cardio is terrible and he can’t stop complaining about being out of breath from bending down.

The stuff with the mint and the Binaca is nice too, though the details about this first kiss sound troubling.

(Via The Late Show)

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