John Oliver Compares The Possible Impeachment Of Trump To ‘Jeopardy’ Sensation James Holzhauer

John Oliver dedicated the bulk of Sunday night’s new Last Week Tonight to a subject that is increasingly on the minds of some Americans: the case for beginning impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. But as he points out, this is anything but a straightforward process, and what’s more — many people don’t even fully understand what impeachment involves.

“So we thought tonight might be a good time to discuss what it is, why it may be warranted, and what the risks may be in carrying it out,” Oliver explained.

He then proceeded to break down the parts, picking just one of 10 instances of possible obstruction of justice in the Mueller report involving former White House counsel Don McGahn, who resigned from his position last October. In the document, McGahn accused the president of asking him to do “crazy shit” such as ordering former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Robert Mueller.

Should this come out in an impeachment hearing, the testimony would certainly be damning. But Oliver went on to point out why some Democrats are hesitant to push for proceedings, with the fears that a failed impeachment would only give more power to Republicans. Yet, he eventually reached the conclusion that “the case for inaction here, is getting pretty weak.”

“Yes, public opinion is currently against an impeachment inquiry, but if Democrats think opening an inquiry is genuinely the right thing to do, then it’s then incumbent upon them to work to change that opinion,” he continued. “And I know it’s easy to be defeatist here because nothing has seemingly reigned Trump in so far.”

The silver lining to all this, Oliver summarized, is that “every asshole succeeds until finally they don’t.”

Again, 18 months before he resigned, Nixon had a sky high approval rating of 67 percent. Harvey Weinstein was winning Oscars until one day, he definitely wasn’t. James Holzhauer was stealing all of Alex Trebek’s money until someone finally put a stop to it. Respect the spirit of the game, James, you fucking monster!

“Look, I can’t guarantee impeachment will work out the way that you want it to, because it probably won’t,” Oliver continued, closing out the segment. “But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing, because if nothing else, we’d be standing by the basic fundamental principle that nobody is above the law.”

Whether or not America adheres to that basic fundamental principle will be determined in the coming months and years. But hey, if James Holzhauer can be taken out, then why not Trump?